Instead of buying an expensive and cumbersome motion capture suit, or tediously animating by hand, record 3D animations with nothing more than your iOS device! Powered by ARKit, MobileCap allows for full body 14-point tracking in real time from your device’s camera. Once you’ve completed a capture, make refinements with a comprehensive set of export options, preview your adjustments in the app, and then export the capture as an FBX animation file that can be used in all common 3D modeling programs and game engines.


  • 14-point full body motion tracking, all done through passive optical Machine Vision on an iPhone camera
  • Record once and then fine-tune settings to get your exported file just right
  • Real-time 3D preview to see how your edits impact the resulting animation
  • Export multiple captures into either a single FBX file with multiple scenes, or independent files
  • FBX joint hierarchy is configured in a standard structure that common 3D software – such as Unity or Unreal Engine – can map to a humanoid skeleton.